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Where are the Fedora Unity F13 re-spins??

Simply there is a problem with the re-spins, everytime we spin the i386 cds will not install correctly.

F13 CD screenshot

Ok this is the interesting part, It only applies to the I386 cds.

The x86_64 cds and both the I386 DVD and x86_64 DVDs are perfectly fine.

We have tracked it down to gconf-devel not getting installed correctly but we cannont find out in our re-spin process where this is happening for the i386 cds alone.

So we (Fedora Unity) are asking the community for help on this issue.


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I Will be there, Will You?


Enough Said

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New for Fedora Table at Events

Table Cloth

Enuff Said

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Finally, A new ambassador in Training

After being an Ambassador for years, My son has finally made up his mind to follow in my footsteps and take the plunge. He has been working tables at Events like Ohio Linuxfest and Southeast LinuxFest for the last couple of years.

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SouthEast LinuxFest

This weekend was Southeast LinuxFest in Spartanburg SC.
What can I say the weekend was great from my point of view that I got to meet people in the Fedora Community that I had never got the pleasure to meet in person (Dan Walsh, Eric Christensen sparks, threethirty, silentuser, kc8hfi,) and to see old friends like Max Spevack, Paul Frields, and Robyn Bergeron.

As far as the Fedora presences at SELF, I think any conference we can go to and have a booth and have a huge Fedora turnout in bodies and in talks is great.

Paul Frields, Dan Walsh, and Ian Weller all gave interesting presentations with Max Spevack giving the second Keynote on Saturday.

I heard from the SELF staff that the attendance numbers where 700+ which for second year regional conference I think is great that we are getting Linux out there for people to see.

other links:

DoorPrizes : I will have to say that this weekend I must of been the luckiest man alive because I won a Google Nexus One Phone brought by The Little Linux Tech Show, and the Intel deskop raffled off by the POGO linux group.

Beth Lynn: a huge thank you for selling me the LUCKY ticket.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to my battleaxe for all her hard work to make 30 dozen cookies for the Fedora Booth at SELF


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Meet my New little Friend

This weekend we were in the local wallyworld and we noticed that they had a Acer Aspireone Laptops.

The Battleaxe has been looking for a small lightweight laptop so we bought one.


as you can see compared to my normal laptop it is one-third the size (and at about 3lbs, 1/3 the weight as well)


The Good news!!!!

I installed Fedora 10 using a LIve USB and everything appears to work out of the box.


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Mom Surgery and Fedora

The Monday of Thankgiving week my mother had Open Heart surgery (she is getting better every day thank you)

While sitting in the Lounge waiting for time to go back to see her (15 minutes every hour), I was sitting there with my laptop doing the ususal hanging out in the #fedora channel or IM my wife for had to work most of the week while i was off. One of the other family members saw the Fedora sticker on my laptop and started a conversation, He said he wanted to try fedora but at home he only really had dailup connection, I said thats no problem i pulled out a 1gb usb key, used livecd tools and made a liveusb.

I handed him the key and he fired it up in his laptop and was nicely impressed.

As the Scouts would say “Be Prepared” and you never will know when you will get a chance to help spread Fedora

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