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How to build updated Fedora Live.iso for yourself

I have been in on way or another producing Respins of the media isos for over 8 years. And i am constantly asked how to do them.

With a Fedora installed computer and an internet connect it is easy to do.


Fedora installed on your computer and arch of choice

sudo yum install livecd-tools fedora-kickstarts

and as an example:

sudo livecd-creator -c /usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-livecd-xfce.ks –fslabel=F20-x86_64-LIVE-XFCE-20141028

to create 32 bit updated lives on a x86_64 box

sudo linux32 livecd-creator -c /usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-livecd-xfce.ks –fslabel=F20-x86_64-LIVE-XFCE-20141028

as long as you have a good internet connection come back in about an hour and you should have a new updated iso in the location you ran that command

All of the fedora kickstart are install to /usr/share/spinkickstarts/  you can type in any of the fedora-livecd-{Desktop Environment of your choice.ks} and they will build.



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F20-20140411 updated Live ISOS now Available.

I am happy to announce new Updated Live ISOS for Fedora 20 with all updates as of 20140411 including the new openssl updated packages

As always these can be found at http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins

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Southeast Linuxfest

I attended Southeast Linuxfest this weekend in Charlotte NC. It was good to see alot of old friends and meet new ones. In the long run it is great to meet people that you have Mentored to be an Ambassador and i defintiely had that pleasure at SELF meeting award (i forgot your name) and his lovely wife.

I arrived at SELF around about 1PM brought in the Fedora Event box and banners and helped get the table set up and running with the help of SPOT. I know there has been alot of Discussion about the “Beefy Miracle” as the F17 name  but it also gives us a chance to have fun and support some of the Communities we are in. At SELF we had a Food Drive with a local Food Bank. Of course the Family had to be feed so after Dinner i went down to the Lobby where I and Nick Bebout and John Delaney worked on burning media and had some good conversations on what should and should not be a blocker of releases.

Saturday up early to set the table up and get it running with the help of Paul Frields later in the Day nb and I headed for the Lobby to work on the the Ham Radio APRS stuff, which due to a hardware issue we ran into a roadblock so I will contact the vendor and get this issue taken cared of.  For Lunch we went across the street and had a couple “Beefy Miracles” chips and drink for lunch. then back to the expo area to check on the table to be sure the people working the table was given a chance to take a break..Being in NC of course for Dinner we wanted Bar B Que, so after asking the Hotel desk where to go they recommended at place call Mac’s Speed shop  which was a mix of a country Western and biker bar it was a great place with great people and great food. It was good to spend time and talk to Clint Savage (herlo)  and his coworker.

Sunday back to setting up the table at oh gawd 8 hundred hours, got it set up and talked to the SELF staff to find out where our 10am to 1pm Ham Radio VE Test Session would be held, Checking the room and showing it to Nick who is also a ARRL VE it was time to start getting ready for the Test Session .

We had contacted a local VE to help us with this Session because we could nt find enough VE in Fedora who would be attending SELF. I am drawing a Blank on the Gentlemans name but he turned out to be a local Judge for Charlotte .  We had 7 Candidates to take the exams  which in the long run ended up with 4 new Technician Class and 1 new General class radio operators.

Sunday there seemed to be something going around Nick and John both were not feeling very well, and my wife was starting to feel sick about the time we left as well, so about 2 we said goodbye and I got to see the lady who came to pickup the stuff from the food drive and she was surprised by the amount of food and the cash donations as well.







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New F15 and F16 Livecds

Last Night I uploaded updated F15 and F16 Livecds these Livecds have the 3.1.9 Kernel
I will be working soon on another set (next week)


as always the isos can be found at http://jbwillia.fedorapeople.org/

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Fudcon Blacksburg 2012

Well as the last people are leaving Blacksburg today, and I am back at work, I want to Thank all that attended Fudcon Blacksburg 2012. Without you there was no event.

I was not really able to attend any sessions because this year, I was the crazy person this year that was the organizer and Site representative. (The Crazzzzzy person as rbergeron was last year ;))

I guess you do know when you have a successful event when you have lots of people come out to you and say will Fudcon happen again here in the future? ( At the moment my standard answer is Hell NO. but we dont know what the future will bring.

As long time Science Fiction convention staff in this area, I can say setting up a Fudcon is alot easier  than setting up a Sci-Fi convention.

Lessons Learned

1) COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE Be Sure there is loads of Coffee at the location (or at least very close by)

2) Fudpub needs to be in a location where people have  something to do (bowling, play pool, etc)

3) Keys, Keys, Keys  This year I had keys to the building which made things alot easier to handle

4) The 8:30am Gathering with the start at 9am meant everyone was there and ready to go for the Barcamp day. (and that the Barcamps started on time at 10:30)

I am very lucky that this year, My office was in the same Building as all the events which allowed for shipping directly to the event build and securing everything in my office every night.

To future Fudcon Bidders I wish you the best of luck  and remember this is a Fedora event and not your event

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Updated Fedora 15 and Fedora 16 Livecds uploading now

I am happy to announce that the 20120102 release of the Fedora 15 and 16 Livecds are uploading now to jbwillia.fedorapeople.org

I hope these can be of help to people having issues


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Updated F14 and F15 Livecds

New Updated F14 and F15 Livecds have been uploaded to jbwillia.fedorapeople.org


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