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F25 updated Live isos 20170704 Released

We the Fedora Respins-SIG are happy to announce new F25-20170704 Updated Lives. (with Kernel 4.11.8-200).

With F25 we are now using Livemedia-creator to build the updated lives.

To build your own please look at

With this new build of F25 Updated Lives will save you about 800 M of updates after install.

As always the isos can be found at


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F25-20170221 Updated Lives Released

I am happy to announce new F25-20170221 Updated Lives.

(with Kernel 4.9.10)

With F25 we are now using Livemedia-creator to build the updated lives.

Also from now on we will only be releasing updated lives on even kernel releases.

To build your own please look at

With this new build of F25 Updated Lives will save you 695M of updates after install on Workstation.

As always the isos can be found at

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F24-20161023 updated Lives released

It is with great pleasure to announce that the Community run respin team has yet another Updated ISO round. This round carries the 4.7.9-200 kernel along with over 755 MB of updates (avg, some Desktop Environments more, some less) since the Gold release back in June. This kernel has the patch for the Dirty Cow vulnerbility.
as always the iso and torrent links can be found at


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Fedora At Ohio Linuxfest 2016

This is the Ambassador Report for Ben & Cathy Williams for the Ohio Linuxfest 2016.

We arrived at the our Hotel around 1PM on Friday. After Checking in we headed over to find the new site in the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  The first things we noticed was the Columbus Convention Center is doing a major renovation and one of those renovations was they removed the escalators from the food court to the second floor. At first we thought this may be a issue to move the event stuff in but there was an elevator close by.  Also no signage for OLF in the Food Court area. After getting off the elevator on the second floor there was a sign pointing around the corner to the Ohio Linuxfest registration table.  This year Ohio Linuxfest charged $10 for general attendees (free to students with student ID). We checked in and out our badges (yes insert favorite Blazings Saddles joke here). walked down to the Vendor Expo hall which this year had a grand total of 28 exhibitors. (see for vendor lists). While the Expo  was setup ready for Vendors to move in but the Vendor Expo was not open to the public on Friday.

With this news we checked out the early penguin tracks and the OLF institute Tracks which   Thomas Cameron was doing his “OpenStack for Mere Mortals” in the morning and “SELinux for Mere Mortals” in the afternoon. It was still early so we went and grabed some lunch and headed back to our hotel room for the evening.

Up at 6:30AM we prepared and had breakfast at the Drury (our favorite place to stay while attending OLF).and grabbed the event box, vertical banners and swag out of the truck of the car and headed back to the  Hyatt Regency to setup for the expo opening at 9AM. We went o our spot and noticed no electic runs as we had seen in the past when we were in the Columbus Convention Center. We continued setting up getting everything ready when Rob (the sposor coordinator) and i asked about plugging into the electic and he said thank you for asking but yes this year that is not an issue go for it. We got the Table setup and running easily before 9:00AM opening.  We had had advance notification from SinClair Community College  they would like to pickup media for their Classes. As I was finishing the touches on the booth Cathy was assembling a box of media for Sinclair Community College.

After the Expo opened we had the normal stream of activity between the session asking questions like:

  1. What is Linux?
  2. so how is Fedora different than <insert other Distro Here>?
  3. I am having issues with Nvidia drivers?

As the day went on, Cathy and I got into the flow of handling  the traffic, she took the job of being the pleasant Lady at the booth, and I did my normal technical guy duties answering qustions as they came up showing demos of the spins on the event laptop. and answering questions about the XO (OLPC) on the table .

We had several people comment they were glad to see that we were giving out media and it appeared we were the only group that was handing out media at this show.As the day was winding down we had different group wanting media for there schools and local lugs so we were able to fill those request very easily. During the lulls i ran up the to registration and they told me the registration for this year was around 600 attendees.

We came to Ohio Linuxfest with close to 600 pieces of media and left the show with 34. Ad

We always look forward to attending Ohio Linuxfest and i hope next year it will not be competing against an Ohio State Home Football Game and what appeared to be several other events in town.





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F24-20161001 updated Lives released

New Kernel means new set of updated lives.

I am happy to release the F24-20161001 updated lives isos with the kernel-4.7.5-200.

as always these respins can be found at

These update iso contain all the updates as of the date of creation. YMMV (Gold MATE install updates as of 20161001 is 711M)

I would like to thank the community and the seeders for their dedication to this project.

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Ohio LinuxFest 2012

The Weekend of  September 28-30th I attended Ohio Linuxfest in Columbus Ohio as an Fedora Ambassador.  I have attended the last 6 OLFs and as always it was good to see old Friends and meet new ones.


We (me and Cathy Williams left our house for the trip to Columbus.  As we entered WV it started to drizzle rain, but we would never have guessed what we were in for up the road.  After going over Flat Top (one of the tallest mountains in WV) we were suddenly in a 3-4 inch per minutes downpour that lasted all the way to Charleston before letting up. Traveling up a 70mph going 45mph is no fun. And of course you have those drivers that didnt know better that would pass the pack of drivers that had already hydroplaned enough to slow down would be passed by the pack 5 miles down the road with the other cars being in an accident.

Getting in to Columbus and checking into the Drury. We  hauled the Event box and banners and media over to the convention center. Where we checked in to Ohio Linuxfest and got our wristbands (this year they did wristbands instead of badges). At that time we found Rob Ball the sponsorship co-ordinator to locate the Fedora Table. The Fedora table was located on the end of the hallway closes to the hallway.

Going back to the Drury, I sat down to program my Ham Radio for the local VHF repeaters in the area. went outside to test my programs I ran in to the crew from The Linux link Tech show Podcast. Who are a fixtures at Linux Shows  in the past years as well.  At 7:30 we hooked up with Jeremy Sands (From the SouthEast Linuxfest Conference and went to the mongolian grill down the street to be  join with organizers of the Indiana Linuxfest and the LLTS guys from above.  After Dinner several people were going to the party but we had had a rough day and decided to make it a early night.


Up at oh my gawd 630am, we ran down and eat breakfast at the Drury, During Breakfast we got in to a discussion with a lady named Denise who had brought about  20 Students from the Indiana Tech School to the conference. Then we grab the rest of the swag and head to setup the Booth in the Expo area of OLF   And as always our booth is next to the Redhat booth and it  was to see Thomas again from RedHat. About 8am Sarah White showed up and wanted to take pics on how to setup the booth and she also brought an Raspberry pi and keyboard mouse and huge monitor for the display. Not having ever set up the Beefy Miracle I let Sarah that privledge  by 8:30 we were all setup and ready.for the 9am opening.

As always It was a pleasure for me to work the booth and deal with a wide variety of questions as:

Whats with the  Hotdog?

After several of these i was starting to get a little horse so i would hand it off to Rickie (codeblock) to explain.

lots of questions about Fedora and our relationship with RedHat Linux to the technically problems that i love to deal with from being a helper/op in the #fedora channel in to lots of  questions about the XO The One Laptop per Child computer. While i answered questions on one end of the table Dan answered questions about the raspberry pi on the other end while Rickie would work on keeping to table full of swag.

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