Testers needed for New Fedora 29 updated isos

The Fedora Respin Sig has been working on being able to produce Fedora 29 updated isos. This past week we have been able to produce updated isos.  We are looking for Testers to help test the isos for release. If you are willing to help please join us in #fedora-respins on the Freenode irc network tomorrow 20181119.

Fedora Respins Sig


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2 responses to “Testers needed for New Fedora 29 updated isos

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  2. Frederick Grose

    Hallelujah! The Fedora live respins are a tremendous service to the community. Very often, fixes for critical bugs or features are not available at the time of an official build deadline. With these generous respins, updated images can easily be distributed to all. And many benefit, often without even knowing of the earlier deficiencies.

    So thank you Jbwilia for providing an underappreciated service!

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