Testers Needed F28-20180923

We need Testers for new updated isos

If yo can  help test come see us in Freenode in the #fedora-respin channel


Ben Williams

Respin Lead


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2 responses to “Testers Needed F28-20180923

  1. lsatenstein

    I used F29 KDE and for what I do with it, no issues. If you wanted specific items tested therein, please advise.
    I do/did C programming (VIM, GCC’ MAKE), blogging and a few bits of browsing with FireFox. I can test the KDE browser if desired.
    PS, its cleaner that Gnome, and in many/some ways much better.

  2. lsatenstein

    By the way, I hanve and does having F28 KDE with dnf updates qualify for F28 KDE testing? Are you wanting a full clean installation test? If the latter, what else needs concurrent testing?

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