How to build updated Fedora Live.iso for yourself

I have been in on way or another producing Respins of the media isos for over 8 years. And i am constantly asked how to do them.

With a Fedora installed computer and an internet connect it is easy to do.


Fedora installed on your computer and arch of choice

sudo yum install livecd-tools fedora-kickstarts

and as an example:

sudo livecd-creator -c /usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-livecd-xfce.ks –fslabel=F20-x86_64-LIVE-XFCE-20141028

to create 32 bit updated lives on a x86_64 box

sudo linux32 livecd-creator -c /usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-livecd-xfce.ks –fslabel=F20-x86_64-LIVE-XFCE-20141028

as long as you have a good internet connection come back in about an hour and you should have a new updated iso in the location you ran that command

All of the fedora kickstart are install to /usr/share/spinkickstarts/  you can type in any of the fedora-livecd-{Desktop Environment of your choice.ks} and they will build.



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12 responses to “How to build updated Fedora Live.iso for yourself

  1. Hello,

    A question about your ** note, does this following technique not work anymore?

    (From: )
    “Different architecture
    You can use setarch command to create a x86 Live image on a x86_64 system. Example: setarch i686 livecd-creator “

  2. Ben Williams

    i have found over time that it does nt work consistantly. i have done this and the other arch isos have issues

  3. I use ‘linux32 livecd-creator’ to build 32-bit ISOs and it usually works fine for me.

    You don’t have to manually set SELinux to Permissive these days, as livecd-creator does it for you (and sets it back at the end).

  4. linux32 is a symlink to setarch on my F20 machine. When setarch looks at how it is called, does it set other options other than just a simple ‘setarch i686’?

    What issues were you running into Ben?

  5. Mike Simms

    Nice easy to follow instructions. I’m spinning a fresh MATE-Compiz Live ISO right now as a first attempt.

  6. Unfortunately both livecd-creator and livemedia-creator are broken for me on pre-release Fedora 25. I hope this gets fixed… and am sure it will if and when you guys run into the issue.

  7. lsatenstein

    Hi Ben, Can you create a live iso that would be used to create live ISO’s?

    Then we could fill in the blanks for some other repositories and applications and then click run and voila — a personal live ISO.

  8. Hi Ben
    Is it possible to create an ISO that can be temporarily installed with all the software needed for creating a spin or Remix ISO?
    I want to be able to fill in
    1) one work directory representing a new yum.repos.d
    2) A directory with a file containing a list of programs to install (the Remix list)
    it could be the kickstart list.
    3) A directory with one file stating where the output iso file is to go

    and a command to start everything off.

  9. Does the live-creator set that you created work with Fedora 26? I’ve read about there being many issues.

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