Fudcon Blacksburg 2012

Well as the last people are leaving Blacksburg today, and I am back at work, I want to Thank all that attended Fudcon Blacksburg 2012. Without you there was no event.

I was not really able to attend any sessions because this year, I was the crazy person this year that was the organizer and Site representative. (The Crazzzzzy person as rbergeron was last year ;))

I guess you do know when you have a successful event when you have lots of people come out to you and say will Fudcon happen again here in the future? ( At the moment my standard answer is Hell NO. but we dont know what the future will bring.

As long time Science Fiction convention staff in this area, I can say setting up a Fudcon is alot easier  than setting up a Sci-Fi convention.

Lessons Learned

1) COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE Be Sure there is loads of Coffee at the location (or at least very close by)

2) Fudpub needs to be in a location where people have  something to do (bowling, play pool, etc)

3) Keys, Keys, Keys  This year I had keys to the building which made things alot easier to handle

4) The 8:30am Gathering with the start at 9am meant everyone was there and ready to go for the Barcamp day. (and that the Barcamps started on time at 10:30)

I am very lucky that this year, My office was in the same Building as all the events which allowed for shipping directly to the event build and securing everything in my office every night.

To future Fudcon Bidders I wish you the best of luck  and remember this is a Fedora event and not your event

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