FUDCon Blacksburg 2012 International Subidies Meeting

Next Wednesday 20111123, at 12:00 est We will review the International Subsidies requests for FUDCon Blacksburg

All requester are reminded to review http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sponsoring_event_attendees and update your requests


Also Barcamp and Hackfest topics would be greatly appreciated at this point as well.


Also If you would like to run a Workshop on creating RPMS from source please contact me,




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3 responses to “FUDCon Blacksburg 2012 International Subidies Meeting

  1. I’m a little confused about the wiki page. Usually the schedule is created on the FUDCon however it seems as people just go ahead and enter their session in the wiki.

  2. Ben Williams

    Workshops are what are I am already scheduling on the wiki, BarCamp Sessions as always will be scheduled at the event.

  3. I see. But it looks like people randomly add their workshops to the agenda already. I’d prefer if you or somebody else does the scheduling to order things a bit. It’s better to have certain tracks, say one day full of QA in one room instead of having the same events scattered around 3 days.

    Sunday is barcamp day, right? There shouldn’t be anything scheduled for Sunday then. Or am I wrong?

    Maybe some explanatory notes on the wiki page could help.

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