New Kernel New Livecds???

Normally F15 getting a new kernel would mean I would be produce and announce new updated Livecds.

But sadly today is not the case due to a bug that has been introduce sine the last updated livecds (20110823)  is the bug i am referring to

I will help watching and when this issue is resolved I will gladly produce updated livecd.iso

The 20110823 isos  are still available



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8 responses to “New Kernel New Livecds???

  1. The problem is with system-config-date , system-config-date-1.9.61-2.fc15.noarch date works but the next realease after does not I also roll our own remix.

  2. Jens Petersen

    Thanks this is a really great service you’re providing.
    Have you talked at all to other Fedora people about having semi-official Live updates? I think it would be nice if they were made automatically in the buildsys for wider consumption – maybe weekly?

    • Ben Williams


      Everyone can do exactly what i am doing on their Fedora boxen so i do not see the need for things like this taking up the build server time nor bandwidth that will be need at release times

  3. Ok thanks – I was just asking. 🙂

    Sure everyone can also roll there own distros and build from source, but I still think providing regular (quasi-“official”) updates to Live would be a valuable service to Fedora and the community at large. Having to download and install hundreds of packages after installing Live is not cool and of course not an option for Live users. I will try to see if something can be done anyway, even if it puts a bit more pressure on the build servers.

  4. Can your ISO’s install with 512 MB of RAM ? The original’s were configured to over 1 GB. The setting is easy to change, just
    wondering if I would have to, especially for LXDE.

    • Ben Williams

      No as far as I know my ISOs are still has 640MB requirement of anaconda

      My blog is not the place to argue this

      • Take a look at Red Hat Bugzilla – Bug 708966
        when you’ve got some time.
        It looks like they’ve got it working with 512 MB
        RAM without swap.
        They set the needed ram to zero.



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