SELF-Day 2

Southeast LinuxFest is always a good event, It is always good to see old friends, even if they want to give me a hard time over winning the top raffle prizes last year .

We (Jamie, and myself) got down and finished setting up the table, Eric Christianson showed up to help pull table duty and I informed him of the situation with the media.

Luckily for us about 9:45 I got a call from the Front Desk that there was a package had been delivered for me. (Yes it was the Media)

We had alot of people pick up media and ask questions all day long

We were and the Attendees all seemed very excited over the new Multi-Desktop Livecds.

John Dulaney, Eric Christianson,Jamie Williams, Mark Mcintrye myself all took turns working the booth.

We shut the Booth down at 5PM, and all went to see Tom Callaway closing keynote on “Ways to Fail”.

After the keynote came the Little Link Tech Show raffle.  (No, I did not win a Thing :))


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