SELF Day 1

Friday June 10 2011

Arrived at SELF, about 3:30 pm got the car in loaded and the Family into to the hotel room.

Went downstairs got checked SELF, and went to find where the Fedora Table was located  and found Tom Callaway and John Dulaney at the table holding down the fort.

We got the Table setup. and Phill came down and said “I am having problems getting wireless working on my computer with F14”.

After checking things he said that he wanted reinstall with F15, so i had the isos and burned him a F15 DVD, backup up his files a an external hard drive.

The install completed installed the RPMFUSION repos and akmod-wl  and rebooted his wireless started working he was a happy camper.

During backing up of Phil’s files  Jarid Smith came up and gave me the Bad News that our F15 Media was held up in Salt Lake City.

Mark Macintrye (mock),  John Dulaney, Myself, and Phil (who was so happy that f15 was up and running, gladly volunteered to help) started burning F15 Media.



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  1. You shouldn’t need akmod-wl anymore these days. Most of those Broadcom devices not supported by b43 yet are supported by a driver in (a)kmod-staging in Fedora 15.

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