Updated Livecds

I have been seeing different people coming in to #fedora with different hardware that has not been working with the install media or the default Livecds easily.

After working with one person for several hours i created a updated Livecd and put it on my web-server and the newer kernel fixed their issues.

So since March I have been uploading Updated Livecds  with Checksums for people to grab if needed

My plan is to update these isos  after each new fedora kernel update.

Location for the updated Livecds jbwillia.fedorapeople.org

These Livecds are created using livecd-creator from the livecd-tools.rpm and the fedora-kickstarts.rpm

If you have any quesitons about these Livecds I can be found in the #fedora Channel with the nicks Southern_Gentlem or VileGent



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3 responses to “Updated Livecds

  1. Jens Petersen

    Great – thanks for doing it!

    Personally I think Fedora should provide regular (weekly?) Live images for the current release so people don’t need to update x hundred MBs of packages anyway. We already do nightly images for devel so why not stable releases too? 🙂

    • Ben Williams

      actually i disagree with that
      Fedora provides Everyone the tools to do this themselves

      For fedora to release a updated isos they would have to go through QA everytime and that is not possible (I used to be the Spin-Test Lead for the Fedora Unity Re-spins so i know about the testing required for that to happen)

      I rather see Release Engineering and the devels working on the next release and fixing any problems there

  2. Bill Davidsen

    Just a thank you for these, sure makes testing and installing easier.

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