ILF day 2 Will I get there Part 2

I had a 6am (oh my gawd what was i thinking) flight out of Indy to get me back Home to Virgina this morning,

Pascal woke me at at 4am so i would make my flight. so i got dressed and thanked Pascal and wished him the best on his travels home.

Went downstairs in time for the 4:30 am Shuttle  which was packed like a sardine can so I made up my mind to take the 5am Shuttle, get to the airport where i have never seen 500 people lined up to go through security at 5 Oh my Gawd in the morning, I make through security (yeah I know now there is probable a scanned image of me on the internet now) and made it to my gate in time for my plane to load, we are all loaded and the Co-Pilot announces they have an internal intercom problem and that they had called Maintenance to fix the problem. and that it should only take 20 minutes to fix the problem and that no one connecting flights should be a problem (yeah right). An hour and 20 minutes later we are in the air and arrive in Chicago at 7am local in the B concourse time and my next flight is at 7:13 in the F Concourse (nope channeling OJ didnt help this situation) I missed the flight by 2 minutes and the gate person said that that had booked me on the next available flight and i should go Customer Service.

At this point i called the Battleaxe ( my wonderful wife to wake her up to tell her not to pick me up at the airport at 10am).

At Customer Service I was informed that all the flights where full and that i was on standby for the next flight which was in 2 hours,  and was confirmed on the 7:30PM flight.

an hour went by and the board finally updated the gate for the next flight would be (yep you guessed) B concource. so I trudge over there and the plane holds 50 people and it looks like i will make it on this flight now.  Nope it has a weight restriction and can only carry 47 passengers. so i go to the nearest kisok and i am put on standby on the next flight in 2 hours. Can you guess where this flight was going to be yep F Concourse.

To make this long story short I spent the day going back and forth the 2 miles between B and F 5 times till i finally was in the air on the way home on the 7:30PM flight.

Arriving home at 11:00pm only like 13 hours late is priceless

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