ILF Day 1

Pascal and I got up and set the Fedora Table had it running by 830am on Saturday

As spent the day pitching Fedora and answering questions for attendees (250 people registered according to the ILF Staff (really not bad for a first year show))

Fedora and BSD where the only 2 Distros really represented at this show (the local Ubuntu community group set up a table which was never manned that i saw)

After working shows like Ohio Linuxfest, Southeast Linuxfest, and Scale it was slow during the sessions and swamped between the sessions.

around lunchtime Brian Pepple appeared  and we took off and had Lunch at Indys Family Restaurant which was a quick 2 blocks away.

After the lunchbreak back at the table answering questions and just be socialable with the attendees (and seeing old Friends who you see at different shows all over the country)

one gentleman came up and asked if we could put the livecd on a usbstick and i said if you have the stick i have the isos  and another happy fedora install happened a few minutes later

I want to thank the Fedora Project for sponsorship to me to attend this show, and Pascal for wanting me to help him and the table, and To Matt and the staff of ILF for listening to our comments and putting up with the complaints (it was a good First show and I hope there are many more ILF for more years to come)


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