Will I get there ILF -1

I an going to Indiana Linuxfest to promote Fedora.

Before going to the airport i tried to login and get my boarding pass but the the airline website would not recognise the code on the confirmation that Max had sent me.

I sent an email to Max hoping that he could get an updated confirmation from the travel site provider.  Time was getting close to i went to the airport and hoped for the best.

Arriveing at the airport i went to the ticket counter and of course now a days they send you to the kiosk unit first.

the kiosk like the website wouldnt accept the confirmation code, the Attendant say i see you on the flight and printed out my boarding passes.

We get on the plane and the engines will not fire they unload the plane and start to reschedule for the next flight which was a plane coming from another location that plane had mechanical problems as well so that flight was canceled.  now I am scheduled for a 3rd flight this time to Philly at 230pm (originial flight was 12), there was some problem with this flight that it didnt arrive til 430pm (reschedule my connection again), so i get in to philly check the board and go to the gate where my connecitng flight is suppose to be i hear the announcement that there is a gate change for my flight,  15 minutes later another gate change, so everyone gets up and moves to the second location, 30 minutes later another gate change (yes that makes 3).  So i get on the flight for Indy and cross my fingers and lucky for me we arrive in Indy at 11pm and finally get to the hotel at midnite .

I am just wondering if someone was trying to tell me something about this trip


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