Where are the Fedora Unity F13 re-spins??

Simply there is a problem with the re-spins, everytime we spin the i386 cds will not install correctly.

F13 CD screenshot

Ok this is the interesting part, It only applies to the I386 cds.

The x86_64 cds and both the I386 DVD and x86_64 DVDs are perfectly fine.

We have tracked it down to gconf-devel not getting installed correctly but we cannont find out in our re-spin process where this is happening for the i386 cds alone.

So we (Fedora Unity) are asking the community for help on this issue.



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3 responses to “Where are the Fedora Unity F13 re-spins??

  1. In August there were several package updates that released for Fedora 13 and 12 that break the respin/remix building process. You can read all about it on the livecd-creator mailing list. Here are some bugzilla links for you:

    Anaconda crashes after the device selection stage:

    livecd-creator creates iso that doesn’t boot in KVM:

    There are some additional bugs in a few other packages but I don’t have them handy. For a while there I was keeping up… with working around the problems and being able to build a usable iso… but the last few builds failed. I think I’ll wait for Fedora 14 before I start again… unless of course, updates happen for F13 and F12 to fix the issues.

  2. I experience a strange problem on a Amilo netbook with fedora KDE 13 installed from the liveCD spin. yum is unusable. It can’t connect the standard servers.

    • Ben Williams

      sorry but your issue has nothing to do with this topic.

      I do however you to verify your livecd as per the fedoraproject.org pages and come in to #fedora on irc.freenode.net

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