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Today someone posted pics of burning another distributions cd sleeve and a broken cd/dvd from the same distribution and called the same distribution an evil dieity. I cannot agree with this act in any way. The Fedora community has no beef with this other distro nor should we put up with things like this to cause friction between any of our Open Source brothers and sisters.

All i can say to the other distro in this situation. Is that the one individual does not speak for the whole Fedora Community (nor I for that matter). But every Distro does have its fanatics that seem to want to generate problems.


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  1. nmarques

    I’ve learned a lot of things in Fedora, and one of them was that all FOSS Projects do work for the same goal. I owe that one to the Marketing list subscribers and participants.

    I strongly believe that the real commitment of Fedora can be seen through programs like “Free Media” from the Fedora Ambassadors which points for altruism and is a strong evidence of commitment and not actions like this one.

    I’m not fooled, this isn’t the real face of Fedora Community.

    +1 from me.

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