SouthEast LinuxFest

This weekend was Southeast LinuxFest in Spartanburg SC.
What can I say the weekend was great from my point of view that I got to meet people in the Fedora Community that I had never got the pleasure to meet in person (Dan Walsh, Eric Christensen sparks, threethirty, silentuser, kc8hfi,) and to see old friends like Max Spevack, Paul Frields, and Robyn Bergeron.

As far as the Fedora presences at SELF, I think any conference we can go to and have a booth and have a huge Fedora turnout in bodies and in talks is great.

Paul Frields, Dan Walsh, and Ian Weller all gave interesting presentations with Max Spevack giving the second Keynote on Saturday.

I heard from the SELF staff that the attendance numbers where 700+ which for second year regional conference I think is great that we are getting Linux out there for people to see.

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DoorPrizes : I will have to say that this weekend I must of been the luckiest man alive because I won a Google Nexus One Phone brought by The Little Linux Tech Show, and the Intel deskop raffled off by the POGO linux group.

Beth Lynn: a huge thank you for selling me the LUCKY ticket.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to my battleaxe for all her hard work to make 30 dozen cookies for the Fedora Booth at SELF



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5 responses to “SouthEast LinuxFest

  1. I only had one of those cookies but it was DARN GOOD. Thanks to the Mrs.! And yes, you are one lucky guy. 🙂

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  3. I think it was karma, rather than luck, that caused you to win the laptop and the phone. Those cookies were good!

    Your wife gets the regular sainthood spouse points for tolerating your geekiness and gets 1 spouse point per cookie that your friends ate. I seem to remember you saying that she made something like 1.5K cookies.

    (Hint: She’s way ahead on points. You owe her.)

  4. joat

    Bah. She’s still ahead of you on points… (heh)

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