Scale Day 2

Saturday at Scale was time to work the Fedora Table in the Expo room.

What can I say, it was a pleasure to meet a lot of people to show them the OLPC XO and help with any problems they may have.

As usual the questions I remember the most where about question how to configure  Nvidia video and or Pulse audio problems.

As Always it is a joy for me to work the table at Events to meet the people who have I have help and or talked to online  in IRC in the #fedora table and for all the offers of buying my a beer.

According to other blog post from other attendees Larry Cafiero attendance was close to 1500 through Saturday.

I had to fly out Saturday nite on the redeye back to Virginia, I really enjoyed meeting online friends like Larry Cafiero that have talked on IRC, and reconnecting with friends like David Nalley, Clint Savage,  Scott Williams and of course Karsten Wade.


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