Time to address the needs of the community

In a recent blog post  Matt Domsch bought up the info what install cds downloads seem to be dyeing off.

This may be the case. but Matt data comes from the people going to the Main Fedora Project site and downloading from there, and does not have any infomation

from where people went directly to the mirror of their choice and downloaded.  My call for cool heads lay in this question?

There are people downloading the CD install media therefore there is a community need for such media.

My good friend and co Fedora Unity member Kanarip stated that if the Fedora project did not want to meet that need that we would as we have in the past.

This seems to have upset some people in the Fedora project so much as someone currently running for Fesco to even suggesting

"Just drop support for split media from Anaconda,

then they won't be able to do it without changing Anaconda,

 at which point they can't use the Fedora name anymore."

Which I really find to be the most petty childish reaction for

someone running for a Fedora election.

We are here because of our community, the downloads show that there is a need for cd install media

even if it is has dropped off over the past year.

The Needs of the Community comes first, If some members of the Fedora Community dont want to fill that need,

they should not tie and bind the hands of those who are willing to provide that need

**getting off my soap box**



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3 responses to “Time to address the needs of the community

  1. Ben Williams

    As one of the people who work to put out the Fedora re-spins in this case no jigdo is not the best solution because of the comps files

    Have you ever taken jigdo and had it break a DVD.iso into CD.iso and jigdoify them NOT FUN.

    As long as CD.iso are created jigdos are alot easier to create.

    • Benjo316

      No, I haven’t even used Jigdo before. I have read a bit about how it works, though. And it looked like a good solution, at least for reducing the space used on the mirrors.

      Technically, you could just create the CD images once, then create Jigdo templates from those images, and either delete them when you’re done or store them off server in case you have to make changes (though, I would think that making changes would be easier after the template is made). You could even go so far as to create a directory structure of the required files and modify it as needed (possibly using a VCS, like git, to keep track of changes), then just use mkisofs to write the images from that directory.

      Anyway, that’s just an idea. I wouldn’t personally know how to do most of those things(though, making the directory would be simple, and I wouldn’t have to read long to figure out how to use mkisofs), but I figure somebody does so it might be a good idea for someone.

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