SELF 2009

This weekend I went to the Southeast LinuxFest in Clemson SC.

As this was the 1st of hopefully many more to come, As per Paul’s Blog I heard that they did break 500 attendees (not bad for a bunch of Southernerss 😉 )

Friday June 12th: arrived at hotel about 4pm checked in to the hotel ( unlike others who where waiting for a room to be cleaned mine was ready).

After the unload the car routine, I went downstairs and found that SELF had check-in for the convention (+1 on thinking ahead) found David Nalley and got them info I needed to find my way to the site on Saturday (and what time i needed to be there).

Saturday june 13th:

OMG 6:30 AM on a Saturday is toooo dang early :), got up went down and had breakfast ( and pleasantly surprised they even had hot food (bisquits, gravy, eggs, sausage as well as the ceral, muffins, coffee and juice affair)) and load the car with the Fedora East Coast Event box and head for the site.

Arrived at the Site at roughly 8 AM found where our table was started setting up (David Nalley had left me a good supply of schwag since he was working as Convention staff).

We had the Table setup and running by 9 AM and people where filtering thru looking at the XO of course and I had my 2 personal Computers set up one with f11 and the other with F10. and initially was handing the f10 media.  Fedora buttons and the new Fedora Tattoos made their debut and seemed to go over well (Note: at future events somehow put up signage that they are tattoos and not stickers) Later on Clint Savage showed up with freshly pressed F11 Media. Major Kudos go out to Mrs Stabbymc for baking and bring 200 Toll house cookies with Fedora Blue M&M’s for the table.

I was able to go to Greg’s Talk which as always are fun and very informative.

5PM I started packing up the table

ALL in all it was a great time was had by all at Southeast Linuxfest.

It was great working with Ian on the the table for the majority of the day,  a Big Thank You go to Clint for bringing the media, and giving us breaks for food.

Pics: That was the one thing i forgot to bring was a camera but others will be posting later

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  1. Great work! I am glad that the tattoos worked out well.

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