Yet the continueing saga of Jigdo vs Torrents

I like Jigdo and I have since i found out about it a couple years ago.

Today it was time for a jigdo vs torrent battle on the Fedora Unity F10-20090210-i386 respins

These Tests were all performed on the same machine, same network etc….

I downloaded the jigdo file from and used the following command:
time jigdo-lite Fedora-Unity-20090210-10.jigdo
press 7 fro the i386 dvd and enter twice and let it run

when it finished I pressed Control-C and got the following output:
real 32m3.000s
user 2m14.458s
sys 2m59.670s

ok time for the torrent
i grabbed the torrent file from and issued the time bittorrent command

after 45 minutes I took this pic and then stopped the torrent.


I want you to notice that I am not playing in tricks the bittorrent was able share and the ports where open for the bittorrent.

hmmm 32 Minutes for the Jigdo to complete verses the Torrents 45 minutes in and was only 6.1% done.

This is why I perfer Jigdo to useing Torrents.




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3 responses to “Yet the continueing saga of Jigdo vs Torrents

  1. Sonar_Guy

    Try that same jigdo using the same mirrors that everybody else will use, the Fedora Project Mirrors and please post the results. Yes you can specify which mirror you want to use but most new users to jigdo do not know how to make that change nor do the know which mirrors are fastest. Then for a true comparison do the same download using the mirrors for South-East Asia and post those results. My guess is those results will not be nearly so nice as the ones you have posted.

  2. Are there free software Jigdo front-ends that are as easy to use as some of the easier free software BitTorrent front-ends out there (Transmission & Deluge to name a couple)?

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