Meet my New little Friend

This weekend we were in the local wallyworld and we noticed that they had a Acer Aspireone Laptops.

The Battleaxe has been looking for a small lightweight laptop so we bought one.


as you can see compared to my normal laptop it is one-third the size (and at about 3lbs, 1/3 the weight as well)


The Good news!!!!

I installed Fedora 10 using a LIve USB and everything appears to work out of the box.



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2 responses to “Meet my New little Friend

  1. Max

    That looks like the Aspire One. Would you recommend it over the eeepc? I want to buy one of these, and my main requirement is that everything JUST WORK, which you report as a positive.

  2. Ben Williams

    since I never have owned a eeepc i cant say,
    but as far as working out of the box that aspire one was great.

    If i an wrestle it away from the Battleaxe tonight I will try to post the smolt profile and model #
    (another plus the box said it had 120GB hard drive but mine had a 150gb Hard drive).

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