I just do not understand,

For those who do not know me, I am a long time ‘resident’ in the #fedora channel, helping anyone I can with Fedora.
and One of the most asked questions is “Why are the Fedora 10 Sha1sum files  not on the Fedora Website?”

The answer is they are there, just not easily found.

If someone goes to the

http://fedoraproject.org (1st level)

click  “Get Fedora” (Second level)

click  “Show Me all the Download options in one page” (Third level)

click “After downloading an ISO, verify it.” (Fouth level)

click  the arch of your choice for the sha1sum (Fifth Level)

I consider this a problem for new linux users who have learned they need to verify their downloads but didnt download the sha1sum file from the website they downloaded the isos from and or want to verify the sha1sum that is on a mirror site to make sure it is valid.

I just do not understand why the sha1sums files are not linked directly off of the Get Fedora webpage in some intuitive way like
a link saying Sha1sums going straight to the arch selection page for the sha1sums.

Please someone explain the reasoning for burying the sha1sum so deep in the website?

(yes, I have posted a simulair questions to the website mailing list as well https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-websites-list/2008-December/msg00031.html)



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4 responses to “I just do not understand,

  1. I think this is a great topic to bring up in the next websites meeting. The best place would probably be along the right-hand side with the other big blue buttons.

  2. Hey, as we discussed on IRC, I was saving this change to get a new websites team member familiar with making changes to the site. I never got a chance to walk him through it though.

    If I can’t talk to him until then, I’ll add it myself after the websites meeting on Monday.

  3. Máirín Duffy

    I just don’t understand how a newbie to Fedora looking for help would even know what a SHA1 sum is or care…

    • Ben Williams

      thats the point we really need to make the point for them to check the checksum of the isos
      after they come into the #fedora channel looking for help, they already have a ‘bad’ experience.
      and most of the time is a bad download is the cause of the problem.

      meaning they have to redownload in some fashion and reinstalled.

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