Mom Surgery and Fedora

The Monday of Thankgiving week my mother had Open Heart surgery (she is getting better every day thank you)

While sitting in the Lounge waiting for time to go back to see her (15 minutes every hour), I was sitting there with my laptop doing the ususal hanging out in the #fedora channel or IM my wife for had to work most of the week while i was off. One of the other family members saw the Fedora sticker on my laptop and started a conversation, He said he wanted to try fedora but at home he only really had dailup connection, I said thats no problem i pulled out a 1gb usb key, used livecd tools and made a liveusb.

I handed him the key and he fired it up in his laptop and was nicely impressed.

As the Scouts would say “Be Prepared” and you never will know when you will get a chance to help spread Fedora


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