Ohio LinuxFest 2008

(Here I go biting the bullet getting into this blogging stuff. 🙂

.A little over a year ago, I was on irc and a Fedora Amabassador  from Ohio was asking for Ambassadors to help at the Ohio LinuxFest. After checking for the directions and talking to the SO (aka The Battleaxe). We made the trip with me going to OLF and her joining her own online friends and going yarn shop crawling. (if you are a SO of a knitter you understand that if you are traveling they will find a yarn shop to stop at).  I had a wonderful time met some great people and learned alot more about Fedora  Linux. As OLF 2007 came to a close i told Jeffry I would return the next year.

OLF 2008 has come and gone, And about 13 Ambassadors turnout for the Fedora booth was great. With attendance of close to or above 1000 attendees it was nice to plenty of people to handle questions. It was great to finally put faces to irc nicks.  We handed out all DVD media as in the case of the Fedora Unity f9 re-spins as fast as we could burn them.

And I hope to return again next year (Battleaxe permiting 🙂 which i dont think will be a problem since she was talking to some other attendees whose wifes are knitters to try to organize to atttend next year)

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