F20-20140411 updated Live ISOS now Available.

I am happy to announce new Updated Live ISOS for Fedora 20 with all updates as of 20140411 including the new openssl updated packages

As always these can be found at http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins

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Fedora 20 updated Live.isos

I am happy to announce updated Fedora 20 updated Live isos with all the updates as of 20140326

As always the can be found at http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins

Along with these isos is included a Sha512sum Checksum file.

Always check the iso vs the checksum before use


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Update Fedora 19 Live isos 20140103

Update Fedora 19 Live isos 20140103 are now available on http:://tinyurl.com/Live-respins

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Southeast Linuxfest 2013

We (Cathy and I) left for Charlotte about 9am on Friday June 7th 2013, arriving at the Blake Hotel in Charlotte.After checking in and unloading the car, We found Jon Dulany holding down our table location. Jon and I got the table setup so we could see if there was any surprises in the event box or with the banners ( I had received the event box and banners at 4:30pm the day before and didnt have a chance to check them out). We had heard that the banners had issues which turned out to be very minor issues. Grabbing the Laptop out of the Event Box we dded an updated Multi LIve iso to the hard drive and to an Acer Aspire I had brought for Table display.  Before too long Cathey came back down from putting stuff in our room and John Rose made an appearance.  AFter a little while everyone was getting cranky from the lack of food,John Rose Cathy and I drove around the block to Subway and got us all lunch.  Back at the Con we all talked and rekindled old friendships and talk to people at the both. Around 2:30pm Andrew Ward arrived and we told him we had it covered. It was good seeing everyone including Robyn which i had a chance to pick on.  We shut the table down at 6pm. And we all settled down for the nite.

Saturday Morning I went down around 7am and reset up the table, talk to the other early risers. About 9AM here came Andrew and we got to renew our friendship, Andrew and I learn stuff from each other all the time. And as always it was a joy to work Andrew. Jon Dulaney was there helping people with arm devices to get fedora on them example Chrome books which he got several question which he answered.  At 4:30 I had to go setup for the Amateur Radio testing Session that ran from 5pm to 7 pm.  The results from the testing session was 9 candidates with 2 Technican, 4 General, and 2 Extra Class operators with a net result of 5 new hams getting thier license for the first time .

On Sunday we were late in getting up, got down to the Table being setup with Andrew and Jon on station.  Sunday was really laid back with very small number of attendees. At noon the majority of the booths had shut down of was shutting down, so we closed and backed and then had lunch as we divided the Swag for the next events.  Andrew took the Event Box and Veritcal banners to work Indiana Linuxfest in the near future.  As Always it was a pleasure to represent the Fedora Project at the Southeast Linuxfest.  Since the event I got the confirmation there were 600 attendees for the event.


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F18-updated LIVE isos 20130416 are now available

I am happy to announce the F18 updated Live isos 20130416 are available for Download at http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins

Sorry about the delay in writing this blog post.

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F18 updated Live isos 20130228

I am happy to announce the updated F18 lives 20130228 are available for download at http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins

I hope these updated Isos will help people who have been having issues getting Fedora 18 installed.




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Fedora Ambassador Day -North America 2013017

On Thursday  we meet at the University of Kansas for the Fedora Ambassador Day North America. I think the total of the participates were 10. the First order of business was to organize a proposed Budget for FY 2014 which from my knowledge has been forwarded to the Fedora Ambassador Steering Committee. It was good to see nb, herlo, inode0, Sarah, Dan (both) ivan and of course Ian for arrangeing the room that we used, We also worked on some of the Ambassador Wiki pages, and tried to assign Owners for Events for the next year as well as made a list of SOPs. we need as well.

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